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Acapsia is revolutionizing the integration of active ingredients in foods, supplements, and cosmetics. Our expertise covers fat-soluble compounds, vitamins, (co-)enzymes, and plant extracts, which we stabilize and optimize in their bioavailability using our innovative micronutrient encapsulation technology. We develop solid solutions that effectively incorporate even poorly absorbable compounds into functional foods, enhancing their storage and metabolism.

Our modular active ingredient kit caters to your product requirements

Our white-label products aim to enhance cellular health and bodily performance. We offer the functional components of our supplements and cosmetics either in full or partially as semifinished products for your brand. For distribution in Europe, we require only that the product presentation is distinct from our branded products. Our modular active ingredient toolbox comprises pre-configured active ingredient powders. We design consumer products for you that combine innovative compound combinations with contemporary delivery formats, spanning from drinkable cures, shots, and instant beverages to powders and capsules, as well as cosmetics.

Our promise of quality

It is our mission to offer the best possible service and performance for your brand.
Therefore, we ensure:

High nutritional value through innovative technology

Cellution® is an advanced technology for encapsulating micronutrients, which processes even complex active ingredients so that their nutrients quickly penetrate cells and are better absorbed. The technology operates without the use of microplastics. Cellution® is based on plant substances, avoids animal ingredients, and carefully selects raw materials from qualified suppliers to meet the highest quality standards. As a powder, Cellution® is easy to handle, and the active ingredients remain stable at room temperature without refrigeration for extended periods. This eliminates the risk of a break in the cold chain and loss of quality.

Modular Product Concept

Benefit from our modular active ingredient toolbox to customize your products. Whether it's anti-aging, stress reduction, or performance enhancement, tailor our white-label products to meet your product requirements - both in terms of composition and delivery format. We offer our functional formula components for supplements and cosmetics either in full or partially as semi-finished products for your brand.

Health meets good taste

Health and enjoyment go hand in hand. Our technology does not affect the microbiome and doesn’t trigger intestinal inflammation. Thanks to the fiber-rich gum Arabic, we can use the health claim, "source of/rich in fiber" and lower blood sugar levels. Furthermore, our micelle technology reduces the unpleasant taste of active ingredients by acting as a protective layer. For us, health also means great taste.
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